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Best Kitchen Tips and Tricks | Awesome Kitchen Cheats That will makes your life Easier


The majority of time is spent in the kitchen by any women, sorting all her hacks of life. In this context, it becomes really important to know the basic and easy magical tips that are related to kitchen which can make your life easier. These tips are available just a tap away at your tab or phone. Here, we have brought a bunch of useful tips that will bring a sigh of relief on your face and you can easily get through the difficulties of kitchen.

  • Rubbing a leaf of onion on the burnt surface will avoid the formation of dark blisters around the burnt area.
  • The coffee grounds which are thrown away as waste products are not really a junk. You can put them in your garden instead and it will make your tomato plant grow faster.
  • Pour a tablespoon of all purpose flour, and you are just a small distance away from the crispy and tasty potatoes. This simple tip can be used for other vegetables that you would like to consume in the form of crispy fries.
  • Do not throw away the old and worn out steel bowls. Instead you can use them for preparing salad dressing, mixing the dough, for marinating, and for bake mixing process also.
  • When you are throwing away the extra water collected after boiling your potatoes or pastas, do think about your plants for a minute. Pouring it into the potted plants will incorporate a large amount of starch content into the plants and they will be refreshed after such meal.
  • If you want to give the pepper flavor to your dishes but you can’t handle the hotness. You can slit the pepper into two, remove all the seeds, and soak them in salt water for while. They are fit to consume in a raw form also now.
  • Do not keep pondering between the departmental stores to look for coarsely ground herbs. You can simple use your coffee grinder to get your herbs in perfect consistency.
  • If adding a pinch of salt in not helping you in enhancing the flavor of the dish, then add a small amount of lemon and vinegar. This will take your dish to another level.
  • If you are not able to handle the pain caused by hot chilies and peppers, then you can literally suck a small slice of lime along with the rind. This will solve all your issues in one go.

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