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7 Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning your house and different parts of it is the most hectic task you will ever come across in life. Having a careless husband or very talented kid adds bonus to your job in every corner of your home. In such condition it becomes mandatory to get a bunch of ideas that can ease your job of cleaning your dorm. Here some quick tips and tricks that can solve a number of problems related to cleaning your home.

  • Toothpaste is a helpful agent to clean all the scratch marks of sketch pens, highlighters or markers on your wooden cabinet or any other light wood furniture. It can help you in great ways if done carefully and patiently.
  • In order to get rid of the stink caused by your garbage boxes, you can make use of lemon. Scrap out the rind of the lemon and rub it all around your disposal box. After that pour some cold water and this will do away with the odor of your garbage box.
  • The clogging of your combs because of the over use of it is something that bugs you a lot. Just mix a strong solution of dish wash liquid in warm water and place your comb inside it till you see the automatic disposal of the build-up. Now, use a waste brush to scratch it out completely.
  • Brighten up the color of your favorite shoes and sneakers that have become dull over a period of time. Scrub it with the help of toothpaste. If the stain is too stubborn then, apply the toothpaste and leave it for some time. Wash it and you will see brand new sneakers again.
  • To get rid of the harsh lint formed on the surface of towels, just add one cup of ammonia to bubbling water. Wash it when the temperature of water is cooled down. You will have a soft and fluffy towel again.
  • Do not let your cutting board look dull in a bright and clean kitchen. Just cut a slice of lemon and rub it on the surface of the chopping board. You will see that all the stains are gone, and your board is left with a refreshing sour smell.

Toothpaste is a one stop solution for all your dusky jewelries. Just rub a pinch of toothpaste and wash it properly till the jewels are shining again.

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